When will Baymax return to Disneyland?

I regret never stopping to take a picture with Baymax and Hiro. I thought the line was too long and that I would return later, but I didn’t. I thought the same thing when Wreck-It-Ralph was there. They’re gone in a flash, so, next time new characters are out, I best just get in line.


Happy New Year! Remember how warm it was in November?

I missed my Saturday video-posting deadline because I was working on a December 31st deadline for a class (trying to turn an Incomplete into a passing grade), and I rang in the New Year sick as a dog. On my way to the doctor today, so here’s a video from healthier (and warmer) times!

Signature Pass Blues

The Disneyland Resort annual passes are so expensive that I’m sure I rolled my eyes at the $1K price tag for the supreme ultimate grand supreme pass that allows access to the parks 365 days of the year. When I re-upped back in October, I thought, “Who wants to go to the parks on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve? Amateurs!” Well, I still don’t want to go to the Park on C-mas or NYE, but I sure do want to get in their every day in between. WAH! This 2-week blackout sucks.