Theme Parks are Busy

Since I can’t get into the Disneyland Resort because my pass is blocked out, I’ve been going through old pictures. This one of the kiosks at the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure cracked me up. Don’t ask, people, because the parks are full; there will be lines! It was taken January 3, 2016 2015.


Signature Pass Blues

The Disneyland Resort annual passes are so expensive that I’m sure I rolled my eyes at the $1K price tag for the supreme ultimate grand supreme pass that allows access to the parks 365 days of the year. When I re-upped back in October, I thought, “Who wants to go to the parks on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve? Amateurs!” Well, I still don’t want to go to the Park on C-mas or NYE, but I sure do want to get in their every day in between. WAH! This 2-week blackout sucks.